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Washed Gray Bud Vase

Washed Gray Bud Vase

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Inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, this vase with textured symbolizes the philosophy of perfectly imperfect. Wabi-sabi teaches us to appreciate the natural wear and tear that comes with time, as well as the uniqueness of each piece.

10″ x 4.5″

Each individual piece is handmade with love in Tonala-Mexico and has unique imperfections. These include but not limited to slight differences in colors, pits, spots, and dimensions.

Please note: These clay vases are handmade by artisans and they are styled best as decorative pieces. Do not add water to the vase as it is composed of clay and will cause damage.

About the Maker

Jitana is a home décor brand that specializes in on-trend design founded by Denise Hernandez. Denise is of Salvadoran descent, born and raised in Los Angeles. The definition of Jitana is gypsy, a member of a tribe with no permanent home or as it describes her, a person with a wandering lifestyle. This is exhibited in her process for selecting products for Jitana by traveling to different parts of the world. Denise is not only enlivening people's homes, but also impacting the lives of artisans from all over the world. She travels to some of the most remote locations around the world where she meets intriguing artisans who help create her collection of handmade goods. Jitana is dedicated to being a sustainable, ethically sourced, and fair trade business that offers thoughtful, timeless, and unique pieces with a fair price.

Why We Love

Jitana is:

- Female Founded
- Latina Owned
- Handmade

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