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Saarde Muslin Blanket

Saarde Muslin Blanket

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These Saardé signature pieces are made from four finely woven layers of Turkish cotton to create these beautifully crinkled and super-soft pieces. Perfect for layering - the bed blankets work perfectly over a duvet and the throws styled on a sofa or chair.

Tumble dry on low heat.

Bed Blanket Size: 35" L x 35" W
Throw Size: 51" L x 67" W

About the Maker

Location: Sydney, Australia

The first inklings of Saardé began when Shenol and Verity Kizek were living in Shenol's home town of Istanbul. In awe of the Turkish textiles, artisan-made pieces and the warm lifestyle, Australian born Verity knew she had to bring a slice of this magic back to her home country.

It took many years and various iterations to get Saardé to its current form - developing and designing goods working with small producers — mainly in Turkey (particularly central Turkey), but also in Tunisia, Morocco and India.

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, with consideration on small batches, artisan producers, and individually crafted goods. Saardé designs goods to be textural and make sure, wherever possible, to show the little artisan-made marks and the beautiful character of the material.

Why We Love

Saarde is:
- Handmade
- Artisan Crafted

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