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Dry Body Brush

Dry Body Brush

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This Dry Body Brush is the perfect tool for total body skincare, aiding in lymphatic drainage, circulation, and detoxification. Its long handled design ensures easy and comfortable use, while its dry brushing technique helps to remove dead skin and unclog pores, leaving skin softer and healthier.


This long handled dry body brush is the perfect addition to your wellness routine. Made by a German based company that has specialized in making wooden brushed for over 140 years.

Daily body brushing increases circulation, improves your skin's metabolism and aids your body's detoxification process.

This brush is not meant to be stored in the bath or shower and should be used without any product.

About the Maker

Location: UK

Glasshouse is an East London based sustainable brand that encapsulates the Salon, Shop and Journal. They offer professional products formulated with natural ingredients and materials and consciously-created with care. Each product is designed to care for the hair, skin and body whilst minimising harm to the environment. All Glasshouse products are designed with their signature aesthetic; encapsulating beauty, simplicity and function. Glasshouse Brushes are produced by a German-based manufacturer who have specialized in making wooden brushes for over 140 years. They have incorporated a modern sustainability ethos into their craft and practice.

Why We Love

Glasshouse Shop Is:

- Female Founded
- Woman Owned
- Sustainable

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