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Chapati Board

Chapati Board

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Experience a unique piece of traditional Indian culture with this hand-crafted wooden Chapati Board. Its smooth surface was originally used to roll dough for flatbreads, but can now be used throughout your home for a variety of decorative and functional purposes.


Sourced from India

These one-of-a-kind wooden pieces were originally used to roll out dough for flatbread which are commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Each is unique and will vary in size, shape, and color.


Small: 1.5" H X 10" W
Large: 2.5" H X 13" W

Please note: Due to the unique nature of each piece, the dimensions will slightly vary.

Styling Tips

"I like the idea of using the chapati board in the kitchen as a place to hold dish soap and brushes, or one of your favorite Suki candles!" - Bella, Co-Founder of Suki

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